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Used Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve 80-Watt 2x12" Guitar Amp Combo

SKU 60TRA002
by Traynor
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Used And Vintage Amps

 You don't need a life coach, you need this Traynor! Here for you is this Traynor YCV80 Custom Valve 2x12" amp, a versatile two-channel tube tone machine that has plenty of power for any playing situation.  We don't get many Traynor's in, and every time we do, we're rather impressed.

There is a clean channel with a 3-Band EQ, with a "Brightness" switch, and "Expander" switch which fattens the low end. The lead channel has a 3-Band EQ, with Volume, and Gain controls with a Mid Scoop switch and boost switch. Throw in a Master Volume and master Reverb for both channels and you have a ton of versatility.

This amp is in good condition.  By no means perfect aesthetically, but it is in perfect working order - it was just service by our third party amp, the legendary Greg Leon.  For those looking for a high quality tube amp on a great deal, the search has led to this being your next amp!

  • 4 x 5881, 3 x 12AX7A Sovtek tubes
  • 80 Watts
  • Dual 12 in. Celestion 70/80 speakers
  • 2 channels (clean and drive)
  • 'Scoop' switch on lead channel for heavy 'boutique amp' lead sound
  • 'Expander' switch on rhythm channel for unique variations of clean tone
  • DynaSound speakers compensated XLR direct output
  • DynaSound compensated headphone output
  • Parallel effects loop with trim controls on input and output
  • Internal speaker defeat switch for silent practice or direct recording
  • DC powered filament supply on preamp tubes for reduced hum
  • Spring reverb