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Used Ultrasound AG-30 Acoustic Guitar Amp Combo

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Used and Vintage Amplifiers

 Excellent amp in great condition!!

This 30 watt powerhouse is excellent for smaller venues and/or recording.

This mini acoustic amp packs enough power for the smaller venues and can also be easily patched into the sound system of larger venues.

The Ultrasound AG30 has been the best selling compact acoustic amp on the market for more than 5 years!

The AG30 has the pro quality tone and workmanship that all Ultrasound amps are famous for. Don't let it's compact size fool you, the AG30 has plenty of power for small venues and with it's Line/Direct outs, it can easily be patched into a sound system for larger venues. If you want a pro quality amp, with pro quality tone and an amp you will be able to enjoy for years, buy an Ultrasound AG30.

The Line out jack provides an unbalanced out put from the preamp that is post eq and post efx. This send can be used to feed a signal to a recording or sound reinforcement mixer. The Shape control is a mid dip control. In the on position the mid frequencies will be cut and the high and low frequencies will be boosted.

- 1/4 inch headphone output
- 1/4 inch input
- EFX Send
- EFX Return
- 1/4 inch line out
- XLR direct out

- Volume
- Bass
- Treble
- Notch Filter Hz (100Hz - 350Hz)
- Notch Filter On/Off
- Shape On/Off

Dimensions (W x H x D): 16 x 11 x 11 inches

Weight: 20 pounds