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Used Vintage 1966 Fender Super Reverb Guitar Amp Combo With Footswitch and Cover

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by Fender
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Used And Vintage Amps

We just scored a killer vintage amp, in great shape, and it represents some of Fender's best from the mid-60's.  Here we have a beautiful 1966 Super Reverb.

 Legendary guitarists as varied as Stevie Ray Vaugh, Alex Lifeson, Wayne Kramer and Johnny Marr have utilized a Super Reverb through the years, with it offering the power and tone needed to support their playing.  Often viewed as a tweed Bassman with reverb & tremolo, this combo brought Fender's best designs of the late '50s and early '60s into the forefront.  This amp's tone is a part of the archetypal blackface sound.  Clear, crisp and atriculate, with the ability to break up nicely, it's defined by a slightly scooped voicing, with firm, tight lows, and glassy, sparkling highs.

• Dual channels with independent EQ and volume controls
• Tube-driven reverb and opto-cell tremolo
• Four 10-inch Oxford or CTS speakers
• Approx. 40 watts from two 6L6GC output tubes
• Four 7025/12AX7 preamp tubes and two 12AT7s (one for phase inverter)

This amp is all original; it's completely straight with the original transformer, speakers, etc., and comes with original cover and footswitch.  It's in great condition, especially considering its age - this beast is 56 years, and still rocking.  Most of the wear is evident in the grill cloth, as typically seen.  The tolex is surprisingly clean, without major tears or dings.  The faceplate is s especially nice on this one.

We've had the amp vetted and tested to good working order.  And if you're wondering, yes it sounds amazing!  This is a great score for vintage Fender amp collectors, or for any player needing the power and tone that only a Super Reverb can provide.

Serial # A18144