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Vintage Watkins Dominator V-Front Stereo Guitar Amp Combo

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by Watkins
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Used and Vintage Acoustic Guitars

In the long & varied history of electric guitar amplifiers, there have been all-time classics, unique builds, too many copies, and plenty of crazy contraptions.  There aren't many that stand out as not only a classic but also a unique design.  The Watkins Dominator is one of those.  And there are not many that are more stylish.

The beginning goes back to London in the 1950's.  Charlie Watkins returned from service the British Merchant Navy, was making a living playing accordion in small bands, but also on the search for a "proper job".  After opening a record shop/musical instrument store, he started to see the need for guitar amplification after notificing how guitar players got buried under the sound of horns and accordions.  After building a small amount, he stopped, and restarted in the mid-50's.  The Dominator debuted in 1957 with the V-shaped cabinet housing two 10" speakers angled outward for enhanced dispersion.  This turned it into an iconic amp.  

We recently took this early 60's Watkins 3717 Dominator in on trade, and everyone at the store fell in love with it.  After doing the research, we've determined that it was made somewhere in the 1958 - 63 range, based on the controls, color and other features.  This era is highly sought after, as it's right before the Mk II version came out, which had a rectangular shaped cabinet and a single 12" speaker.  The V-Front Stereo amps are what remained in demand, and that's what this one is.  

The condition is good - it looks like it's been through a long life of being used, as it should have been, and it has the expected wear after 60 years.  It's structurally sound and has stood the test of time.  It's mostly all original, with some replaced knobs and other small parts (no claim on the electronics inside in terms of originality).  A three-prong power cord was added.  It appears to be the original footswitch, which is a nice touch that most other Dominators out there don't have.

As for the tone, this one sounds amazing.  The mids and highs are sparkly clean, and there is a surprising amount of warmth and depth.  Even when pushing the volume, you still get a nice clear, round tone.  If you hit hard, the response is a controlled growl.  The tremolo is fantastic as well, with a great, clean wash.  17 watts, all tube, and full of vintage vibe - the amp doesn't just look cool, it IS cool.

If you're into vintage amps, especially ones with a storied history, this is a great score.  We've had a few over the years, and this is one of best we've heard for sure.  Add this amazing Watkins Dominator to your collection today by coming to Truetone Music to check it out, or order right here for us to professionally pack and safely ship it to your home.