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Used Whipped Up Fender Partscaster Olympic White Over Copper Metallic with Bag

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by Fender
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Used and Vintage Electric Guitars

 Okay, here we go: it's a time for an another Whipped Up Partscaster!  Every now & then, one of these beasts wanders through the door and we're all standing around saying "what is that?".  Well, what it is is a combination of Fender parts, whipped together, a homegrown effort at it's best.

This one features a lacquer-finished neck from a Fender Classic Lacquer Series 60's Strat (that, we can confirm based on the serial number), built in 2018.  The body appears to be a Fender Limited Edition Standard Strat in Copper Metallic, which was a Special Run model in 2011.  Then, in what we assume was a very high thought, someone decided to paint it Olympic White and proceed to "relic" it on their own.  We'll give them credit - it was a valiant effort!  The end result is actually pretty coo (and much better than most DIY relic jobs we've seen).

As for the rest of the parts, everything appears to be Fender made, from the vintage tuners and winged string true, to the synchronized tremolo and jack plate.  It's loaded with a Mint Green pickguard and what seem to be regular vintage style Fender pickups.  The mismatched plastics (white pickup covers and switch tip, aged white knobs and trem arm tip) add to the uniqueness.  All of this combined....equals a Whipped Up Strat!

The guitar has been vetted and setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop.  It comes with a very nice padded gig bag.

We took the guitar in on trade, and have grown to love it.  If you're looking for a great playing/sounding Strat that has a unique look to all it's own, and won't break the bank, you've scored!