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Vintage 1957 Martin D-18 Acoustic Guitar With Case

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by Martin
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Vintage And Used Acoustic Guitars
In the world of vintage acoustic guitars, there are not many that are as classic as a Martin D-18.  Dial the clock back to 1957, and you'll find that C.F. Martin & Company was crafting some of the finest instruments of the era.  The D-18, as the flagship model in their lineup, became THE guitar of choice, landing in the hands of legends like Elvis Presley.  Over the years, the D-18 was put to a variety of uses and favored by players such as Paul Simon, Jerry Garcia and Kurt Cobain.  

Taking in a vintage Martin guitar is exciting for us, and to have a guitar like this 1957 D-18 is a privilege.  We loved inspecting, vetting and testing it - and are now going to enjoy putting it into another players hands for their collection.

The guitar is all original, other than an expertly done refret.  We found that the neck had been reset, and from what our vintage expert/top luthier could tell, it was done a long time ago, and done very, very well.  So, there are no concerns there.  Obviously, this one shows nice player wear and aging, as to be expected from an instrument that has been put to use for 65 years.  But, it's not ready for retirement yet - it still has a ton of working life left in it.  The original finish is still on the guitar, and it has aged beautifully.  Check out the photos to see everything.

The mahogany body with spruce top produces a warm, full sound with exceptional presence.  We were almost surprised at the clarity and focus that this guitar provides - while you will always get the solid low end and booming projection from a D-18, you don't always expect the top end articulation.  This guitar has that.  Over the years, the wood has aged and dried out nicely, creating a woody tone that is hard to get from anything other than a vintage acoustic like this.  

The mahogany neck and Brazilian rosewood fretboard are in great shape, and super comfortable to play.  As stated, the guitar has had a refret and neck reset - so while there is plenty of playing time on this guitar, there is plenty more left on it.  The guitar has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

The case is not original - the guitar came to us in a 70's Martin blue hardshell case.  So, while it's not the one from 1957, it's still Martin, it's still "vintage" and it's very protective.

A 1957 Martin D-18 is a special guitar, and we're excited to present this one.  Come to Truetone Music to experience it, or order right here for it to be expertly packed and carefully shipped to your home.

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