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Vintage 1958 Fender Esquire White Blonde With Case

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by Fender
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Used Electric Guitars

 Truetone Music has been selected to take in a special collection of instruments from a very special long-time customer and friend of ours.  A collector of only unique, rare, vintage and high-end guitars & amps, he amassed a serious collection of these years.  Some of the instruments are ones that we sold to him ourselves, and now the opportunity has arisen to have them on the market again - such is the case with this amazing 1958 Fender Esquire.  For those that know, this could be a dream catch on the vintage market.  We've inspected, vetted and qualified everything on this guitar (done by the main luthier and vintage expert here), and all of the details are below.

Built at the original Fender factory in 1958, this Esquire weighs in at just 6.6 lbs - it's super light and could be kept strapped on for hours.  It's also very comfortable to play, with a nice medium "C" shaped neck.  We haven't felt many Fender's from 1958 with a neck like this - it's rather unique.   An Esquire is a simple guitar - just a single pickup - but it's one that has surprising versatility.  

The body was refinished at some point, though it's quite hard to tell.  This is a really good refin, only given away by some dark streaks in the ash and the translucent finish around the edges (which was sprayed opaque by Fender in order to hide the joints).   The body hasn’t been overly sanded, the edges are crisp and it still has the router hump by the neck cavity.  Blonde finish remains in cavities.  It was very well done and only an expert's eye would catch that it was refinished.

The neck was not refinished - that's all original, with some great wear on it.  Be sure to check out the patina and character in the photos.  You can tell that some played a lot in the first position, with the indentations (still plays just fine).  The guitar has a nice back of headstock, no reaming or extra screw holes.   The neck date is May of 1958.  

This Esquire plays incredibly well, benefiting from a refret with 6105's.  It was done by legendary L.A. luthier Slammin' Sammy Sanchez, who has worked on guitars for everyone from Slash to Santana.  It also had a new bone nut, cut & installed by Truetone's own Paul Flynn.  These two things combined make the guitar much more playable.  This isn't just a vintage collector's piece - it's also a player's dream Esquire.

As expected, the tone is exceptional.  From country twang to straight out rock or even clean, smooth jazz, this one will do it all.  In the bridge position it's the straight pickup with no tone control, in the middle position it's the same but with the tone control, and in the neck position you get the bassy darker tone with the highs rolled.  It's amazing how a one pickup guitar like this can be so versatile.  Speaking of which, that pickup is original, as are all of the electronics except for the tone pot which was replaced.  The original wiring is still intact.  

The guitar has its share of wear over the years but nothing major or structural. Just some nicks and dings here and there, and a heavily worn neck, which feels amazing.  The hardware has aged nicely, adding to the character.  The pickguard is also original, has a bit of lifting but that's common on these.  The original case has been gone for years (also common), so the guitar commons with a vintage style Fender case.

Every now and then, we get a special guitar that really blows us away - and then sometimes it comes back to us a second time for another opportunity at selling it.  This 1958 Esquire is a special guitar, and we look forward to it finding its new home!

  • Ash body refinished
  • Maple neck finish is original
  • Neck date is May of 1958
  • Refretted with 6105 frets 
  • Replaced bone nut 
  • Original pickup
  • Original jack, control plate and bridge plate
  • Replaced saddles (genuine Fender USA steel saddles)
  • Volume pot is dated early May 1958
  • Tone pot replaced
  • All other wiring is original
  • Nut width: 1.625"
    Depth @ 1st fret: .834"
    Depth @ 12th fret: .988"
Serial # 026707