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Vintage 1966 Fender Mustang 22.5" Scale Daphne Blue Refinished with OHSC

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by Fender
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

 Truetone Music has been selected to take in a special collection of instruments from a very special long-time customer and friend of ours.  A collector of only unique, rare, vintage and high-end guitars & amps, he amassed a serious collection of these years.  For the first time, these pieces are available on the market together.

One of the more interesting guitars is this 1966 Mustang in Daphne Blue, with a 22.5" scale.  This is a bit of a rare bird (or should we say horse, or better yet, pony).

The Mustang first debuted in 1964, towards the tail end of the "pre-CBS" era.  It was an effort to upgrade the student line of guitars, and became a gateway to more grown up Fender models like the Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster and Jaguar.  Originally a 22.5" scale, it soon changed to a 24" scale which became more popular.  Over the years, the Mustang has gained status as a cult favorite, and used by players as diverse as Kurt Cobain, Adrian Belew, Frank Black and Bilinda Butcher.  Almost all that are seen out there have the 24" scale, and the shorter 22.5" versions are hard to come by - but that's what we have here.

While many vintage Mustangs out there have been modified, this one has not - all of the parts are original, including the pickups, and the case is as well.  What is not original is the finish - the Mustang did not come in Daphne Blue in 1966.  It did prior to that, so one could easily mistake this for the original finish - or claim it in an effort to raise the value.  However, we don't roll like that.  Once we vetted it, and determined that it was refinished, we wanted to disclose that.  It is a really good refin, and likely done long ago. 

The guitar has been setup to play perfectly by our top luthier/vintage expert.  The frets still have life in them, and it plays like a vintage guitar - 7.25" radius, vintage frets, etc. and is perfect for anyone that is looking for that.   Of course a flat radius and big frets would be weird on a guitar like this.  It's not exactly a shredder's axe!  

We rarely see all original Mustangs from the mid-60's, and definitely not the shorter scale version.  This is a great find for any fan of vintage Mustangs, or anyone wanting a piece of Fender history in their possession.

Serial # 140013