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Vintage 1968 Rickenbacker 370/6 Maple Glo With New Silver Vintage-Style HSC

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At Truetone Music, we love rare birds, and we love Rickenbacker, so a rare Rickenbacker is especially loved here.  The moment this one walked in the door, we all gravitated towards it with eyes wide open.  You don't see many Rickenbacker 370's, especially not as cool as this one.

For those that aren't familiar, the Rickenbacker 370 is the same as the iconic 360, but with an additional pickup in the middle position. The 370 followed the same changes and progression as the 360, and was also produced as a 12-string as the 370-12.  It came out in 1958 and was made until 1990, and then went dormant for a decade before coming back in 2000.  The late 60's versions are especially desirable, making this one from 1968 extra special, especially in the gorgeous Maple Glo finish.  The Maple body, three-piece Maple/Walnut neck with Rosewood fingerboard and triangle inlays are all stunning.  The triple toaster pickup configuration proves to be very versatile, and gives this guitar a sound of its own.  

The finish is original, and so are almost all of the parts.  The bridge was replaced (with a vintage Rickenbacker bridge), as were 5 of the the tuners (interestingly, they match perfectly but say Gibson on them).  The pickups are original.  We also put in new pickup spacers to ensure their heights are correct.  We find screws under the hood that suggests that mods were made over the years, but then reverted back.  The guitar came to us in a random case, so we got a new G&G case to fit it perfectly - while not original, it is the right case for the guitar.

Overall, the condition is excellent, especially considering the age of the guitar.  The finish has aged beautifully, and the neck is super comfortable to play.  The guitar has had a neck crack repair - it appears to have been done long, long ago; it's held up for many years and shows zero signs of being an issue.  Our top tech and resident Rickenbacker expert handled this one and gave it a full two thumbs up.  Check out the photos and zoom in for closer looks at this as well as the wear on the guitar.  This has the look, feel and vibe of a vintage guitar dating back 50+ years - and if that's what you like, as a player or collector, you've scored right here.

The guitar was owned by a professional player for years, and then made it into the collection of a long-time customer of ours.  We just took this in, had it vetted and setup to play perfectly by the techs in our repair shop, and are ready to put into a new home now.  We'll be sad to see it go!