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ZVex Limited Edition Reverse Fuzz Factory Engraved

SKU 20ZVE097
by ZVex
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Reverse Fuzz Factory Engraved

A limited edition of 50 pedals with rare transistors

The ZVEX Reverse Fuzz Factory Engraved is a limited-edition pedal featuring a pair of the ever elusive transistors affectionately described as Spam Cans. ZVex has used many different NOS germanium transistors in Fuzz Factories over the years. All to great effect, but none quite like that first and only tiny batch of PNP Spam Can transistors Zack found in a surplus store back in 1995. They have a sweet top end, and chewy texture like no other. 

This pedal uses a pair of NOS Spam Cans that were unearthed recently; they are NPN which is the opposite polarity of those Zack found many years ago. They were able to use them by reversing the polarity on the other polarized parts (i.e., capacitors and diodes). What this means to you: the polarity is backwards from the more common negative tip pedal polarity. They require a positive tip power supply, or 9-volt battery. 

These reverse Spam Cans sound very close to the originals. It's challenging to find these semiconductors. When found, they have to be hand tested one by one, into an extremely specific gain range. These are special! To drive that point home, each is engraved by hand, with clear custom knobs for a smooth clean aesthetic. Hand wired, hand engraved, each one a unique piece of art in your collection.