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Zvex USA Made Hand Painted Ringtone Modulation Sequence Guitar Pedal USA Flag

$ 469.00

Trippy ring modulation meets tap tempo.

The Ringtone TT from ZVex is a tap-tempo sequenced ring modulator pedal for guitar. The Ringtone TT's controls are as follows: from the upper left, a sequence/random/step switch which sets the function of the left stomp switch, a speed control for the sequence/random mode, 8 individual carrier pitch adjustment knobs, the left stomp switch for entering tap tempos or operating as a manual step control, and the true-bypass stomp switch on the right. 

  • One of a Kind Hand-painted artwork
  • Tap-tempo sequenced ring modulator effect pedal
  • Sequence/random/step switch, 8 individual carrier pitch adjustment knobs, tap-tempo/step control stomp switch, true-bypass stomp switch