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Gibson Guitar Test Drive

Gibson Guitar Test Drive

Come by Truetone Music on Saturday, June 4th 11am - 7pm to Test-Drive a wide range of Gibson instruments, including RARE One-Offs, Prototypes, as well as some cool Discontinued pieces! You'll be able to check out the all-new Gibson Tour Bus, chat with Gibson Product Specialists themselves, and experience our ALMIGHTY GREAT WALL OF GIBSON!



Don't forget that we have special pricing on all Gibson Instruments for our special GIBSON-O-THON for the month of June! We'll also be giving away cool mementos of this colossal event in the form of fashionable swag!


Here's the rundown: 

  • Rare Prototypes and One-Offs that'll only be here for one day

  • The all-new Gibson Tour Bus

  • Swag!

  • Gibson Product Specialists to chat with



That's not even mentioning all the high quality instruments on showcase we always have here at Truetone Music! So come visit us on Saturday, June 4th and make an experience of it! We are located @ 714 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA. We are surrounded by great food and only a short ways away from the promenade, just to add icing onto this guitar-filled cake! Feel free to call us with any questions at: 310-393-8232

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