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The Ry Cooder Collection

Legendary musician, songwriter, composer and producer Ry Cooder is known across the guitar world as not only being one of the great guitarists of all time, but also a prolific collector of instruments. Whether it be vintage Gibson acoustics, funky Teisco electrics from the 1960's, or modern customs by Danny Ferrington, these instruments have a pedigree like few others. Never one to be afraid to tinker, Ry's instruments often have modifications and customized work done to them. Some of his guitars have even become categories themselves - just look up "Coodercaster".

Over the years, Ry has amassed a massive collection. After he recently relocated to a new home, he knew it was time to part with some of it. Not only to make space, but also to allow others to enjoy the instruments and make new music with them. Truetone Music is proud to partner with him on this special project. Together, we present the Ry Cooder Collection.