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Tone-Test: Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor

Tone-Test: Way Huge Saffron Squeeze Compressor

Way Huge’s Saffron Squeeze Compressor MkII offers easy to use functionality and ear-friendly tones for the discerning guitarist. Twenty years after the launch of MkI, the Saffron Squeeze MkII surpasses its predecessor. With pedal wizard Jeorge Tripps having joined Dunlop Manufacturing, the Way Huge resurrection is complete. Doing fierce business with a truly spectacular product line, Way Huge’s Saffron Squeeze Compressor MkII adds three extra controls to the old version’s single Volume and Sustain knobs. It now offers Gain, Tone, and Attack controls, that work in harmonious concert. The addition of these three knobs allow you to not only tighten up your timbres, but the ability to adjust the level of gain, cut post-compression highs, and compression reaction speed.

While the 1970s Ross inspired Saffron Squeeze MkI only offered the option to control the output and level of compression, the MkII has that and also allows you to shape, mold, and fine-tune your signal. It excels at enhancing your guitar’s tone, and serve up as much personalized enunciation as needed. These tweaks to the MkII edition makes this compressor no longer a “take it or leave it” after thought. It’s tone sculpting capabilities offer the potential to become an integral part of any guitarist’s base tone.


With its true bypass switching and 9-volt center-negative power operation, the Saffron Squeeze is all about the smooth and the quiet. Using a telecaster and a strat through a Dr. Z Maz 38 head, along with an Orange TH30 combo, the tone sculpting began. With the controls adding volume boost across the board, subtle as well as obvious compression could be achieved. In addition to tightening up your signal and giving you more pop and snap, the Tone control gives you the option to add warmth or dial in a sharper attack. These sounds are smooth, soft, and never grating. The Gain adds only a smidgeon of grit.

While the word “Transparent” is often abused, the Saffron Squeeze performs all kinds of choke, squash, and squish, without altering your amplifier’s character. It shores things up sweetly with Beatle-esque jangle, tight country twang, punchy blues, and airtight shred. Used with subtlety it embraces your signal in a luxurious blanket of focused beauty. Dialing in more intense settings, it retains its usefulness with rich musicality. It does so without annoying pops or hiss. Guitar compressor aficionados will be instantly converted, while guitarists new to compression will be spoiled for a long time to come.

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