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The Fender Elite Series

The Fender Elite Series


The new Fender American Elite series of instruments is at the top of the food chain reigning supreme amidst a fantastic line of great products. It’s still your grandfather’s Fender, except it’s loaded with modern high-performance enhancements so you can play better, sound incredible, and be inspired to make cool music.

An already supremely comfortable 9.5”-14” compound radius fingerboard featured on the discontinued Deluxe series makes a welcome return, except now it comes paired with a new and improved neck shape that begins with a C shape at the nut, and gradually morphs to a D shape at the heel. The rear heel has also been radically modified for ease of use to allow greater access to the higher frets. If that wasn’t enough, the dual-action truss rod has been redesigned with a wheel that’s easier to adjust. It’s positioned just above the neck pickup, and right below the fretboard so it’s easy to reach.


The coolest thing about the Elite series are definitely the pickups. They’re 4th generation Noiseless pickups, and Fender has unleashed some serious black magic to re-create the warm, clear, vintage, bell-like tones that we all know and love. It also cancels that dreaded 60-cycle hum. Even when plugged into a high-gain amp, the Elite is silent but deadly. Modeled after 60s style vintage pickups, it truly accommodates the forward-thinking 21st century guitarist who craves clear, sensitive, organic tones. It’s the perfect marriage of old school tonal succulence and modern technology.

The Fender Elite series will offer you an abundance of aural possibilities from guitarists as diverse as Keith Richards, Brad Paisley, Tom Petty, Albert Collins, and Wic Coleman - but it’s malleable enough to allow you to create your own unique thumbprint. Visit Truetone Music and hear it for yourself. We think you'll be very pleased.


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