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Animals Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal

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Animals Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz

The Big Muff is a captivating effects pedal.
This sound is loved by guitarists all over the world, and can also make a wall of sound. It has heavy, thick harmonic components with a looming sound that gets used in many grunge, shoe gazer, and heavy songs.

Its main characteristics are a gentle, subtle lead tone together with a heavy roaring wall of sound. Especially if you play the lead with delay, it is known for supporting famous historical performances including the madness of the unique, dark UK Progressive Rock and thick gentle tones of Latin Rock.

Over its long history there have been many changes in design and function, each with their own legend. That may be why it is so loved by musicians.

The Animal Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz is a recreation of the Big Muff, the most popular among numerous legends, referred to as Ram’s Head during the early 70s when it was made.
Compared to other eras, the mid is rather strong, and it is known for its mellow tone. Particularly, the gentle lead tone, and by setting the TONE high you can make a scratchy noise. This tone is so loved that it transcends genre and era.

Very few real Ram’s Heads were made, and they are so expensive that it’s difficult for all but real aficionados to get their hands on them. With the Rust Rod Fuzz, you can recreate that legendary sound that is sought throughout the world at a high level.

The 1974 original is just amazing. And now the Rust Rod Fuzz surpassed it. Now there’s no need to carry around those big heavy vintage fuzz pedals.
───Marc Ahlfs (Skreddy Pedals)

The Rust Rod Fuzz is a pedal that reconstructs the circuits of the Ram’s Head, the most highly regarded of the vintage fuzz pedals.
It’s a huge strong tone with a tightly compressed mid range. The sharp, aggressive distortion sound possesses both the massive fuzz sound of the mid 70s and a viscous unique response is ideal for songs that have heavy riffs and chords.

The sound is thick and goes on and on with just the right amount of viscosity. The range of knob adjustment is such that whatever setting you put it at, you can make the greatest tones, as it is stabilized so that you always can get that vintage fuzz sweet spot. It is set to the central area so you get the best tones right away. Musicians just need to connect a device and set it as they like.

The Rust Rod Fuzz is a fuzz pedal that doesn’t just make hot modern sounds, it also makes great, smooth, old school tones. This is the sound you expect to get from Skreddy Pedals, masters of vintage tones.

Volume: Adjusts the volume.
Tone: Adjusts the tone centered on the high frequency.
Sustain: Adjusts the strength and duration of the fuzz distortion.

The Rust Rod Fuzz has integrated a true bypass foot switch and runs on a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.

When using a battery, remove the plug from the input jack when storing it to prevent the battery from draining. When not using it for a prolonged period of time, remove the battery prior to storage.