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Chase Bliss Audio Blooper Bottomless Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

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The bottomless looper.

Welcome to Blooper, the bottomless looper. Within this little blue rectangle is an intricate machine to explore, unravel, and make your own, with infinite opportunities and outcomes. What you record is only the beginning.

And with great power comes great confusion, maybe. The Blooper is designed to be extremely flexible and open-ended, and this means you will wind up in some unfamiliar places. This is half the fun of course, but it could also be overwhelming at first.  This manual includes some scenarios that reveal Blooper’s abilities bit by bit, starting with the basic and familiar and working up to adventure. Play through these scenarios and you and Blooper will be best buds in no time.

The dream of blooper was to merge high-quality looping with creative manipulation, allowing you to steer your loops to new and extraordinary places. Record a loop one day, save, then come back and transform it on another.

On the practical end, there is loop saving, eight layers of undo and redo, and external syncing. On the creative end, there are two channels of modifiers, a lo-fi Stability control, and three looping modes. blooper’s heart is Additive mode, which allows you to record sound modifiers directly into the loop like any other overdub.

Needless to say, there is a LOT you can do with this pedal.  Read below for more info on the MIDI capabilities.  The Blooper is unlike anything out there - get it now and start experimenting! 



BlooperTM allows all of its parameters to be controlled via Control Change messages, as well as its loops to be saved and recalled with Program Change messages.

You can save and recall up to 7 loops with our FavesTM MIDI controller. To use a MIDI controller other than FavesTM with your BlooperTM, you’ll have to do the following:

1. Attach a Chase Bliss Audio MIDIBox “Ring Active” port using a standard 1⁄4” TRS patch cable to the TAP/MIDI jack on your BlooperTM. The Midibox is not included with
the Blooper

2. BlooperTM is set to MIDI channel 2 by default, but it is easy to change if you need to. If you want to change it, simply
hold down both stomp switches when you provide power to the pedal (hold down both stomp switches simultaneously) and then you can let go. The pedal is now looking for the first “Program Change” message it sees, and it will set itself to whatever channel it gets that first message from, permanently (until you change it again, of course).

Zero-Based Program Changes

Blooper is a “zero-based” MIDI pedal. Loops 1-16 are saved and recalled using Program Changes 0-15. This allows for the use of Faves for recalling loops and will also put presets in line with BOSS ES and MS series controllers. Other controllers have an option for “PC Offset” and will allow you to sequentially line up your PC numbers with your loop numbers.

Loop Banks and Slots

There are two banks of 8 slots for a total of 16 loop slots available. They are identified by blinking LED’s on the modifier buttons. Bank 1 is blue and bank two is red. You can identify the loop number you are on by counting the blinking lights on the modifier LED’s. For example, if a slot has blue LED’s and blinks four times, that is “slot four.” If a slot has red LED’s and blinks three times, that is “slot 11.”

Saving a Loop via MIDI

Blooper is a “zero-based” MIDI pedal. Presets 1-16 are saved and recalled using Program Changes 0-15. While in loop mode (center toggle position) you save a loop by sending a MIDI Program Change message while holding down the right stomp switch. For example, sending a Program Change message of “5” while holding down the right stomp switch will save your current loop to slot #6. A new feature on this Chase Bliss pedal, all 16 loop slots can be saved and recalled with just the pedal, alone.

Recalling a loop via MIDI

Blooper is a “zero-based” MIDI pedal. Presets 1-16 are saved and recalled using Program Changes 0-15. To use a MIDI controller to recall a loop while in loop mode, simply send the corresponding Program Change number. PC#0-PC#15. For example, sending a Program Change message of “0” loads loop 1.

With “one-based” controllers that do not allow for PC offset, you will need to subtract a value of one
(1) to your desired Program Change number.

View the table on the left showing which MIDI control change channel controls each BlooperTM parameter.