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Crazy Tube Circuits Sidekick JR Modulation/Delay/Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

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For your fly rig, mini pedalboard or tabletop setup, the only thing you’ll need besides your drive pedal or synthesizer is Sidekick JR. Taking inspiration from the senior
unit released back in 2019, Crazy Tube Circuits goal was to create a compact pedal that would combine the most widely used time-based effects and would fit into any gear setup lurking for 80s tones and beyond. From the jangly, ambient and shimmering sounds of New Wave, Shoegaze and Synth Pop to the soaking wet tones of Hair / Glam

The new Sidekick JR features even more sounds / algorithm selections compared to the senior unit. The time-based effects are generated in the digital domain but the mixing, buffering and filtering of wet and dry signals are analog for warm and musical sound quality. 

Modulation effect / algorithms were inspired by classic 80s BOSS® stomp boxes. “Ensemble” algorithm resembles the warm and mild modulated sounds of CE-2. The
“dimension” algorithm will enhance the 3D image of your sound, similar in feel to the DC-2, but with the added control that the depth and speed knobs will give you
instead of the 4 switches the original unit had. The “flanger” algorithm was inspired by the BF-2 pedal being set up as a slow chorus with mild feedback added for a
more metallic sound. Echo / delay section offers the sweet but vibrant sound of a tape echo with a freshly installed tape running through a colourful preamp or the pristine repeats of an 80s digital delay rack unit.

Reverb section was inspired by the high quality and simplicity of the Alesis rack units and offers two algorithm banks. Bank A features classic reverb sounds like plate,
spring and hall while Bank B features signature 80s reverb sounds like gated, exciter (our trademark big-hall reverb algorithm with almost infinite reflections and
decay) and octave up shimmer. In order to provide full flexibility in the smallest enclosure possible we had to come up with a smart switching setup. As per standard onboard function, the delay and reverb effect sections of Sidekick JR operate independently from each other and the modulation is assignable to any of these sections. With the addition of the XT footswitch (sold separately) the modulation section becomes totally independent and can be switched on/off on its own. The XT Footswitch is a passive latching switch exactly the same as the one offered as an accessory to the Unobtanium. Due to the huge success of the Unobtanium themed XT and the significant part in the operation of the Sidekick JR they chose to offer the XT with matching colours and artwork.

Sidekick JR is also the first CTC pedal to feature a power-up bypass/engage pre-set function for the onboard footswitches. That way you can select

which state your pedal will go to when you plug the power supply. This function comes in especially handy to people that use remote pedal switch-ers / loopers as they only set the state of the pedal once and then operate from the controller.


  • Modulation / Delay / Reverb effect pedal for guitar, bass or synthesizer.
  • Each effect section can be engaged independently and all three effect sections can be used together simultaneously.
  • Hybrid mode of operation. digital time-based effects, analog mixing, buffering and filtering of wet and dry signals.
  • Wide selection of algorithms for each effect section.
  • Modulation controls: depth, speed, algorithm selection switch, operation assign switch.
  • Echo / delay controls: more (mix), tail (feedback), time (delay time 40-800 msec), algorithm selection switch.
  • Reverb controls: mix, excite (reverb parameter – different operation for each algorithm), algorithm selection switch, algorithm bank selection switch.
  • 3 Status LEDs - one for each effect section.
  • Two onboard footswitches to engage delay, reverb. Modulation operation assignable to any of these footswitches via onboard toggle switch.
  • Power-up bypass/engage preset function for the onboard footswitches.
  • External accessory - XT footswitch (sold separately), connected via a standard TS instrument cable, isolates modulation effect operation from the
  • onboard footswitches. Connection of XT footswitch bypasses onboard modulation operation assign toggle switch.
  • Click-less true bypass design via high quality relays for each effect section (unless the internal reverb buffer bypass option is selected).
  • Internal switch selects between true bypass and buffer bypass with reverb tails for the reverb effect section.
  • Top mounted input and output jacks: 6.3 mm mono jack.
  • Power Supply: 9V DC, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm, center negative (not included).
  • Current consumption 210mA.
  • Dark grey die-cast enclosure with colour-coded effects section (blue for modulation, white for delay, pink for reverb).
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) : 69 x 125 x 58 mm.
  • Weight 364g.
  • Made in Greece.