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Crowther Audio Double Hot Cake Overdrive Pedal

SKU 20CRO002
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The Double Hot Cake is two Hot Cakes: ‘A’ and ‘B’ in one box. The A is a Bluesberry version, and the B a normal version (the “Bluesberry” voicing of the Hotcake has a slightly less buzzy edge at the onset of distortion, and often works well when guitarists have amplifiers with extra extreme treble boost, like some Marshalls for instance). Both have three knobs and a footswitch as with regular Hotcakes. If both Hotcakes are switched on together, the A Hotcake drives the B, and its controls are bypassed, but an extra Drive control is switched in to adjust the its gain. There is also an extra clipping stage and a reduction in low frequencies to make for a better lead sound in the high gain situation. The A Hotcake has the usual buffered bypass (the circuit becomes a buffer in bypass mode), while the B Hotcake is hard bypassed using gold plated contacts.

*Cosmetic appearance can change without notice at any time.