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Dreadbox Treminator Expressive Analog Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal

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Dreadbox Treminator has its roots from a synthesizer last signal flow stage, called the VCA (voltage controlled amplifier). We took this simple circuit and adapted it into a really expressive guitar pedal combined with an LFO that is controlled by envelope generators. The result was Treminator. Forget everything you knew about tremolos. Prepare to be amazed.

  • Expressive analog tremolo
  • VCA circuit straight out of a synthesizer
  • Wide range LFO (20 sec - 220hz)
  • Tap tempo with multiple division settings
  • 2 x envelope generators to control LFO behaviour
  • 3 patch points to interact with CV and modular gear

Circuit: analog dry signal, hybrid delay, digital reverb
Bypass: buffered opamp
Audio: True stereo in/out
In/Out: TS unbalanced 6,4mm jacks
Power: 9VDC boss style center negative 2,1mm
Dimensions: 14x10x5,6
Current draw: 220mA