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Empress Effects ParaEq MKII EQ Guitar Effect Pedal

SKU 20EMP023
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The ParaEq MKII brings back one of Empress’ most beloved pedal designs with exciting new features. With 3 bands of parametric EQ, each with 3 selectable Q widths, MKII gives you an extremely flexible EQ. The wide Q is great for general tone shaping and is extremely transparent. The medium Q is perfect for everyday problem solving like pulling out boxiness from the low mids or reducing harshness and adding a bit in the upper mids. The narrow Q excels at notching out problem frequencies and is a saviour for acoustic guitarists when combating feedback issues.


  • All-Analog Signal Path – to deliver the most organic tone possible.
  • Ultra Transparent Sweet Sounding EQ – enhance your sound without masking the tone of your instrument.
  • Lots of Control – with adjustable/ switchable q, fully overlapping sweepable frequency selection, and 15dB of cut and boost you’ll get all the control you need.
  • Ultra-Quiet – You’ve come to expect our pedals to be noise free and we’ve delivered once again. If you put this at the front of your chain and boost a bit you’ll also cut down on the noise your other pedals are introducing.
  • Loads of Headroom – Operates internally from a 27V power supply – similar to rack-mount equipment.
  • +30dB of Boost – making it an ideal candidate before long effects chains and overdriving tube amps.
  • Pristine Clean Sound – We measured the distortion to be less than 0.05%. Pretty remarkable for a guitar pedal.
  • True Bypass – The Empress ParaEq MKIIl employs true bypass, so you can be sure that it's not affecting the signal when disengaged.
  • Perfect Size - The enclosure with controls measures approximately 2.5” x 4.8” x 2.6”, which is delightfully small when considering all the features packed into this unit.
  • Top Mounted Jacks - Extra convenient to integrate .