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Galletta Guitars Bigsby Style Electric Guitar - Ry Cooder Collection

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Legendary musician, songwriter, composer and producer Ry Cooder is known across the guitar world as not only being one of the great guitarists of all time, but also a prolific collector of instruments. Whether it be vintage Gibson acoustics, funky Teisco electrics from the 1960's, or modern customs by Danny Ferrington, these instruments have a pedigree like few others. Never one to be afraid to tinker, Ry's instruments often have modifications and customized work done to them. Some of his guitars have even become categories themselves - just look up "Coodercaster".

Over the years, Ry has amassed a massive collection. After he recently relocated to a new home, he knew it was time to part with some of it. Not only to make space, but also to allow others to enjoy the instruments and make new music with them. Truetone Music is proud to partner with him on this special project. Together, we present the Ry Cooder Collection.

All of the instruments have been vetted and worked on by Paul Flynn, co-owner of Truetone, head luthier and Ry's personal guitar tech. Each comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity signed Ry Cooder.  We have done our best to research and determine models, years and other information about each instrument - keep in mind that each is a unique piece and may have been modified over the years, and is sold as is. This is an opportunity to own a piece of music history, and to add a special instrument to your own collection.

We are proud to present this Galletta Guitars Bigsby style electric built by Eric Galletta, a revered boutique builder based in Hemet, CA.  Crafted with precision and expert craftsmanship, Galletta creates exceptional custom instruments that blend traditional hand-making techniques with the natural beauty of the materials, resulting in one-of-a-kind guitars with unparalleled sonic and tonal capabilities.  After learning from legends Wayne Charvel and R.C. Dick Allen, Galletta created his own brand, which as become legendary in its own right.
This particular instrument is quite interesting.  It's a unique build for sure, with quite the backstory.  The guitar is based on Bigsby Guitar #2 Serial # 81848, completed on August 18,1948, which was made for Merle Travis.  Galletta not only was schooled in how Bigsby guitars were built, but was able to inspect and x-ray the actual original.  The end result is absolutely amazing.  Galletta loaned it to Cooder, who fell in love it with so much that he spoke to Fretboard Journal about it, and had to have it.  So, it went from Galletta to Cooder and now can go to you.
The guitar is in great condition and has been setup to play perfectly.  It's a rare bird in general, and having this pedigree makes it a one of a kind.  This could be a dream come true for any collector.  A signed Certificate of Authenticity is included.   There is a hardhsell case, which Ry fitted with it - the case is not made for this guitar, but it works.

A guitar like this is a special instrument for sure.  It would be regardless of who played it, but as part of the Ry Cooder Collection, it takes on a new collectability factor.   


Serial # EA5381