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DISC - Panther Cub V2 - JHS Panther Cub V2 Analog Delay w/ Tap Tempo Guitar Effect Pedal

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by JHS
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Small-footprint Analog Delay with Tap Tempo

The JHS Panther Cub V2 brings lush analog delay plus tap tempo to virtually any pedalboard. Just half the size of the Panther Cub — an already-reduced version of the coveted original JHS Panther — the Panther Cub V2 packs eight discrete 3208 BBD chips into its dainty frame, for a whopping full second (1000ms) of spacious repeats, chases, and echoes. MM-style modulation and feedback add movement and chaos to this extremely musical pedal; an internal ROAR switch even toggles between two oscillation modes. Four tap subdivisions, including dotted eighth, unlock a wealth of musical expression. True bypass switching preserves your signal when the pedal is not engaged.

Small footprint, big sound

Its reduced size makes the all-analog Panther Cub V2 one of the most talked-about delays. Eight discrete 3208 bucket brigade chips create lush, dark, spacious, and beautifully imperfect repeats — the very qualities that have made yesterday's pedals indispensable in the eyes of many guitarists — for a generous wet-dry blend that won't wash out your original signal.

1000ms of analog delay

The Panther Cub V2 is suited for even the most sonically adventurous player. The full second of all-analog delay can be dialed in via the Time control, silent onboard tap switch, your own external footswitch. A twist of the Ratio knob selects between quarter, eighth, dotted-eighth, and triplet note divisions, for time-perfect The Edge and worship-music stylings.

Tap tempo with subdivisions

JHS has managed to pack nearly all the functionality of the previous Panther Cub v1.5 into the V2. Critical among these is the tap tempo feature. Whether you're playing to backing tracks or tracking in the studio, you can count on the Panther Cub V2 to deliver studio-quality, time-sensitive repeats.

Color repeats using your own pedals

The onboard modulation with two-way internal ROAR switch is great for adding movement to repeats. Where things get really interesting, however, is in using utilizing the Panther Cub V2's effects loop. Here you can further color your delays with distortion, chorus, EQ, and more, leaving your dry signal intact.

JHS Panther Cub V2 Analog Delay Pedal Features:

  • Compact analog delay with tap tempo
  • Half the size of the Panther Cub V1.5
  • Dark, spacious, and beautifully imperfect
  • Won't wash out your original signal
  • Eight 3208 bucket brigade chips enable 1000ms of lush analog delay
  • Onboard soft, silent tap switch
  • Tap input/output — allows for external tap control or tap slaving
  • 1/4 note, 1/8 note, dotted 1/8 note, and triplet subdivisions
  • MM-style modulation adds movement to repeats
  • Internal ROAR switch provides 2 modes of oscillation
  • Effects loop lets you color repeats with your own pedals
  • True bypass switch preserves your signal when the effect is not engaged