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Palmer Pedalbay 40 PB Pedalboard with PWT PB 40 Powerbar and Carrying Case

SKU 21PLM000
by Palmer
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$ 199.00
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Here's a combined bundle that may seem to good to be true - not just because of what it is, but also because of the price.  We dug two these up, and have them marked with a special price.  For anyone that wants a high-quality pedalboard with a power suplly to support their pedals, this is a great find.

The PEDALBAY® 40 PB set combines the Palmer PEDALBAY® 40 and the Palmer WT PB 40 power supply with 8 single-isolated outputs. Due to the patented integration, the power supply can be exchanged and fixed with the rear rail of the PEDALBAY® 40. A separate transport for power supply and PEDALBAY® is no longer necessary.

Product type: Pedalboards
Type: Pedalboard with power supply unit
Weight: 4,48 kg

PPEDALBAY40 - Palmer Pedalbay® 40 PB Lightweight Variable Pedalboard with Protective Softcase:, 45 cm
Product type: Pedalboards
Material: Aluminium
Surface: Powder coated
Width of the Cross Bars: 50 mm
Weight: Pedalbay 1.23 kg

Features waterproof
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 305 mm
Height: 70 - 85 mm
Weight: 3,83 kg

Accessories (included) Soft carrying case with shoulder strap

PWTPB40 - Palmer Pedalbay® 40 PB Power Supply with 8 Outputs for PEDALBAY® 40
Product type: Power Supplies
Mains connector: Plug-in power supply
Input voltage: 100 - 250 V
Outputs: 8
Output connectors: 2.1 x 5.5 mm
Material: Aluminium
Surface: Powder coated
Output voltage: 9 V
Max. output current: 2 A
Isolated outputs: Yes
Polarity Center: negative
Cord length: 150 + 150 cm
Indicators: Power
Controls: Output voltage selector
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Height: 24 mm
Weight: 0,65 kg

Accessories (included): Power supply