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Pre-Owned Calton Case Acoustic Yellow

SKU 61CAL000
by Calton
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We just took in this beautiful, extremely high quality Calton Case that's perfect for a larger acoustic.  For those that know, there's not more protective than a Calton - they build to the highest standards, with better durability than anything out there.  For over 50 years, Calton has been the leader in touring quality cases.  There's a reason their tag line is "Hardest Working Case in Showbiz".

The condition of this one is excellent - it's like new, as it was never actually used.  The backstory is that it was made for Jeff Foskett (Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, solo artist) to use on tour, but it never got into the rotation of the gear he took for shows.  So, it's sat unused for some years.  Now that he's not touring, is not of use.  A bunch of Jeff's gear came to us to sell, including this case.  It has a badge with his name on it, as well as serial # 18899.
We checked with Calton directly, and their records confirmed that it was built for Jeff Foskett, but not exactly what guitar it was for.  It did have a note saying "EC 20/12", so we are thinking that it was for a 12 string version of a Gibson/Epiphone EC-20.  That's a guitar that was never actually made, but they did make custom guitars for Jeff Foskett (we recently sold two custom made Epiphone Sheratons of his, including a 12 string, and a Gibson ES-335-12 as well).  Calton thinks that's what it was for but it would fit other acoustics such as a J-185 as well as other models/brands.
Due to the nature of this case, we are making all sales final on it, so please contact us directly if you have any questions on it.

 - Length:  3’ 10”  (46”)

 - Width:  1’ 6.25”  (18.25”)

 - Depth:  6.5”
(add .75” if you are including outer rubber feet in measurement)


 - Length:  3’ 8”  (44”)
(from very bottom of guitar to top of headstock)

 - Width at widest bout:  1’ 4”  (16”)
(bottom bout)

 - Width at narrowest point:  9.5”
("waist" of guitar)

 - Width at smallest bout:  12.5”
(top bout)

 - Depth:  4” 
(where body will sit)

 - Distance from bottom of cavity to bottom of neck cradle:  2’  (24”)

 - Distance from top of neck cradle to the top of headstock:  11”