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Pre Owned Harry Joyce Custom 30 Watt Guitar Amp Combo

SKU 85HJA000
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Used And Vintage AmpsWe have a great boutique amp for you, this amazing Harry Joyce Custom 30, a true beast!!  Built in USA under the careful gaze of George Scholz, this one is for connisuers of high-end amps that know it's worth every penny to get the tone that's at the end of the rainbow.  While known for heads only, this is a rare combo amp.  In fact, apparently it's the only Harry Joyce Custom 30 combo ever made.

This amp  amp is class A-B, all point to point and hand wired.  Powered by two EL84s and four 12AX7s, you've got 30 watts of pure tube power and tone.  Known for its wide dynamic range, The Custom 30 will give you everything from full clean tones all the way to high gain goodness. It has a fantastic array of drive, from more transparent overdrive to crushing gain.  All of that emits from a high quality Scholz SugarCone speaker (12"), which is very hard to find intself.

This Harry Joyce Custom 30 watt amplifier is a master volume design which includes:
Gain controls for Normal or Brilliant inputs, Tone controls for Bass, Treble, Mids and Presence. The pre-amp stage uses (4) custom 12AX7 pre-amp tubes for inputs, tone, voltage amp, and driver. The output stage (output transformer) is designed for the EL34HJ power tubes.

On the back side, voltage and ohm selector, 2 speaker outputs (in parallel) and Hum balance, send and return (effect loop), as well as custom fuse holders for power, high voltage supply and IEC Filtered Powered Entry Module.

The amp is constructed from 18mm Marine grade Birch plywood with solid dove tail construction.  It includes many high-quality components, including custom Iskra signal capacitors, studio grade Bourns potentiometers, vintage rectifiers, custom transformers and more.   It's ready for anything.

This is a fantastic amp that we were excited to wheel in (yes, it has wheels - a nice bonus for something of this size).  It came to us in excellent condition, and we've tested it to perfect working order.  Now it's just waiting for you - and it's the only one in existence (as we've been told), so once it's gone, it's gone for good.

***Due to the size and weight of this amp, it is not eligible for free shipping.  It's been marked as being for local pickup only.  If you are interested in having it shipped to you, please contact us directly prior to purchasing***

Serial # HJ30-001


* 15 gauge Stainless Steel corner welded chassis for ultimate durability
* Meticulous mil spec wiring to Harry’s standards
* Studio grade Bourns potentiometers
* Custom Harry Joyce film caps
* Custom transformers
* Wire wound bleeder resistors
* Custom Iskra signal capacitors
* Ultra low noise resistors
* Vintage rectifiers
* Philips filter capacitors/Mallory/ HJ for faster response
* (2) El34
* (4) 12AX7
* Copper shielding
* Industrial indicator lights / Blown fuse & tube indicator
* Mil spec Fuse holders
* Filtered power entry module
* 1 ohm cathode resistors on each output tube socket
* Philips bias caps
* 100K ohm low input
* Studio grade inputs
* High amp on/off /standby switches
* Internal Voltage selector
* Solid Silver Teflon wire with a frequency range of 20-60,000 hz
* NOS/Custom components
* Baltic Birch, Dovetail headbox