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Pre Owned Marshall Model 2550 25/50 Silver Jubilee 50-watt Guitar Amp Head

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Used And Vintage Amps

Let's celebrate, as we have a Silver Jubilee for all of you Marshall lovers out there! Vinyl-covered goodness awaits you in this Marshall 2550 Silver Jubilee.  This is one of the most legendary and sought after Marshall amps out there, and there's a good reason why....

It looks as good as it sounds. Or is it looks as good as it sounds. It's both! This wonderful Jubilee brings you crispy, crunchy tone, and sweet delicious cleanliness. Powered by two EL34s with 50-watts of mass moving energy. You've got tone for days, weekends, months, and lunar cycles. You have everything you need here with a 3 Band-EQ, dual channels, and Master and Volume controls. You can switch between two styles of clipping. Dial in your day and night with this festive piece.

This version, the 2550, was only made for one year, the great year of 1987, to celebrate Marshall's 25th anniversary.   Released at the winter NAMM show, the Silver Jubilee signaled a shift from the iconic black, white and gold amps to a sleek silver vinyl-covered amp with chrome-plated control panels. Its internals emulated those of the JCM800 series' 2203 and 2204 models and boasted a valve output stage that enabled it to switch from full power to half power, making 100W heads 50W and 50W heads 25W-all while preserving sound quality. This was due to clever engineering that caused EL34 valves to reduce active elements for lower output. The pentode setting produces a bright, aggressive tone, while the triode creates a smoother, silkier high end.

The Marshall Model 2550 is renowned for producing sweet, opulent overdriven tones, which have been incorporated in some of the most coveted lead sounds of the modern era. Few players recognize its range of sound, which offers excellent clean and high-gain tones as well. For added convenience, the clean and drive channels can be engaged with a simple footswitch.

The amp is in good condition - there's wear of course, but it's still looking good.  In fact, it has the look of a serious amp that got serious use, just as it should  Most importantly, we've vetted the amp and tested it to perfect working order.  It's hard to imagine a better tone machine than this one!

Serial # 81689