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Vintage 1963 Pre-CBS Fender Concert Brown Guitar Amp Combo

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by Fender
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Used And Vintage Amps
Over the years, Fender has created a multitude of revered tube amps, with some being mainstays for many years (Twin, Deluxe, Princeton, etc.).  There are others that became legends in their own right, but not many were, making them rather rare on the vintage market.  The Fender Concert is one of those.

Originally introduced in 1960 as a replacement for the Bassman, the Concert was only made for 5 years, and in that short period of time, went through a series of changes.  The light brown tolex with maroon/oxblood grill cloth is the most well known, which is what this specimen from 1963 is.  Plain & simple, this amp sounds amazing.  If you're looking for a powerful vintage amp with some of the best sounding "real" vibrato, this is it.  Of course, we believe in full disclosure, so if you're looking for an all-original version, this isn't the one - there's been a lot done to it (details below).  But, if you'd like to get an amazing sounding vintage Concert that has withstood the test of time, this could be a serious find for you.

The Concert featured a 4x10" speaker configuration and 40 watts of power, making it a favorite for live performers.  It was one of only 3 models with the large-iron output transformers.  The circuitry evolved over a few years, and by 1962 it was the 6G12-A, which is what this one has, giving it a more pronounced vibrato and more clean headroom.  This is from the era where the Volume control was in the middle, with the Bass and Treble to the left, and the Speed and Intensity to the right.

We've done our best to dig up as much information about the amps as we could, had it serviced by our amp tech, and consulted a few different vintage amp experts.  Here's what we could determine:
  • Original Output Transformer (1962)
  • Late ‘59 choke
  • 1965 speakers (Jensen)
  • Recovered/regrilled
  • Non-original footswitch
  • Serviced by legendary expert amp tech Greg Leon
  • Serial # 673
The amp is in very good condition, especially considering its age.  It has been vetted and tested to good working order.  It's lived a long life and is expected to continue to do so.  This is our favorite amp in the house at the moment and look forward to making it yours.  A pre-CBS gem from 1963 in perfect working order is hard to find, but it's been found!

Due to the size and weight of this amp, it does not qualify for free shipping. Please message with exact shipping address and we will provide a shipping price.