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Vintage 1971 Fender Left-Handed Precision Bass Sunburst With OHSC - Duffy Snowhill

SKU 88FEN028
by Fender
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

From the personal collection of Finnish musician, Duffy Snowhill, bassist of the Los Angeles, California psychedelic/glam-tinged hard/prog rock band, Bigelf (1991-present). We present a unique lot of various, modified left-handed basses.  Whether we are talking about his vintage basses that he’s “Duffified” with his various mods, swap-outs and additions, or his ‘name brand’ Duffy basses that reflect the unique playing style he is known for, all of them represent his cool and colorful stage presence.
Over the years Bigelf has toured with Dream Theatre, Zappa plays Zappa, Porcupine Tree, recorded with Christina Aquilera, worked with producer Sylvia Massey and even released an album on Linda Perry’s Custard Records.
Here is a prized possession: his 1971 Fender Precision bass.  Used with Bigelf for the Into The Maelstrom recording in 2014 and for various tours in 2000-2008, this bass has seen some serious use but has stayed in great shape.  Considering how old it is, the finish still looks great.  Most importantly, it plays/sounds great!  Our techs took their time to get this bass just right.
This vintage P Bass is all original except for the pots (it has Nobel Potentiometers), and also includes the original bridge & pickup covers.  The original case is included, but be forewarned - the left & right latches are busted.  They still clasp on and keep the case closed, but to open them, it takes a bit of work (use your fingernail or a pick).
So, whether you are looking for an old vintage bass that doesn’t bust your budget or just wanna add some style to your own bass collection, with the Duffy Snowhill basses you won’t get LEFT out.

Serial # 322049