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Quantum Audio Designs Instrument Cable HSQI-25 25ft. Oxygen-Free

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The HSQI, Heat Shrink Studio Quality Instrument, series cables are designed to provide the performing musician with a cable that is both extremely durable as well as offering exceptional audio fidelity. Utilizing the same Q-2100 series audio cable with G & H brand ¼” phone plug terminations that is used in the SQI series cables, the HSQI series cables are subjected to additional manufacturing procedures to further improve performance. During the manufacturing process, hot melt epoxy compound is injected into the connector cavity to provide an insulator against the possibility of a short developing inside the connector as well as provide strain relief on the actual solder joints. After final assembly of the cable is complete, a section of heat shrinkable tubing is placed over the connector barrel and shrunk into place to provide additional strain relief. Custom imprinting of the heat shrink tubing with dealer logo or name and telephone number is available upon request with orders of 24 or more HSQI series cables.