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Pre Owned 1998 Ampeg Dan Armstrong ADA6 Clear Lucite Electric Guitar with OHSC

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by Ampeg
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

 We just took in one of the coolest and more unique pieces we've had in a while - this Ampeg Dan Armstrong ADA6 Clear Lucite guitar.  Yes, it's clear.  For those of you that know about these, you know how special they are.  For those of you that don't, you can find out now!

Originally designed and released in 1969, this guitar was only made for a couple of years but became inconic quickly.  The legendary Dan Armstrong designed it to be guitar that sustained extremely well and totally electric and not resemble anything of the past.  He definitely succeeded!  Over the years, Ampeg sporadically released reissues, and this one was made in 1998.

The guitar is suprisingly balanced, and despite not being light, it's not uncomfortable to play for hours, even strapped on.  It's a unique shape, with symmetical horns, and waist and contoured edges.  The dual body strap buttons are there to allow the guitar to stand upright against an amp and also to provide two different ways to balance it with a strap.  If being clear wasn't unique enough, in 1969, no one else was doing that!  Another innovation was the 24 fret rosewood fingerboard that sits clear of the body - this was one of the first guitars to have that.  The neck is a chunky C shape - it feels very vintage and is comfortable for chording as well as lead play.

The three-way tone switch works slightly differently to the original.  In the center position the tone control is bypassed.  In the forward position, the tone control acts in a conventional way and in the rear position, thanks to a different capacitor, the roll-off is different, resulting in a darker sound when the tone control is turned down.

The bridge again closely replicates the original and clearly is inspired by the Danelectro bridge - Dan Armstrong had spent some time from the mid-60s modifying guitars from his New York store, many of which were obsolete Danelectros.  Here, however, more accurate intonation is achieved with brass saddles set into the rosewood bridge.

As an added bonus, this guitar comes with 4 extra (interchangeable) pickups.  This is a key feature of this guitar, and rarely do you see them coming with the extra pickups.  Additionally, the original hardshell case is included.

The guitar is all original, in excellent condition, and has been setup to play perfectly by the techs in our shop.  It's a rare find - get it now before it's gone!

Serial # DA98070010