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Used BeeTronics Swarm Fuzz Harmonizer Fuzz Pedal With Box

SKU 70BEE007
Original price $ 249.99 - Original price $ 249.99
Original price
$ 249.99
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Used And Vintage Pedals

Up for sale is another great sounding used pedal, which you can pick up today, right now…. at a GREAT price!! Guaranteed working condition, all used pedals we're offering for sale here have some cosmetic imperfections, and in turn means BIG savings for you!!! 

***Please note this listing is for the pedal & box only!!!***

Do you want your instrument to fuzz out like a swarm of bees? Here for you is this fantastic fuzz, the Beetronics The Swarm! This pedal not only gives you bombastic fuzz because it also applies modulation and harmonization. The Swarm turns your input signal into a square wave, than multiplies and divides the frequency of that wave, giving you nine possible harmonies in two different octaves. Modulation is applied to the harmonies making them go from a nearly perfect tracking harmony. The WORKER sets the level of your input signal, now fuzzy and buzzy. The SPECIES allows you to select between 9 different intervals for your harmonies. The QUEEN and DRONE set the levels for each of the harmonies that stay one octave apart. The FLIGHT and STING control the modulation applied to the harmonies. These controls are intuitive and interact with each other to give a wide range of fuzz tones. This pedal is in good condition and comes with a box.