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Used 2015 Dr. Z Carmen Ghia 1x10 Amp with Cover

SKU 60DRZ002
by Dr Z
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Used And Vintage Amps

The Doctor will see you now, while in excellent condition and outfitted with a padded cover.   This 18 watt 1 x 10 combo is the perfect portable, simple tube amp for those that want the Dr. Z sound in a small package.

With 18 watts of Class A power, the Dr. Z Carmen Ghia sits in the Goldilocks zone when it comes to volume — not too loud, not too weak. You'll be able to hold your own against any drummer, without being too loud for club stages. Your clean tones will sound complex and vibrant, with outstanding sustain. Crank up the volume knob, and you're treated to glorious tube drive from dual 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power amp tubes. It's a tight, punchy sound that never gets flubby or indistinct. If you're looking for a workhorse tube amplifier that also takes pedals extremely well, check out what's right here.

The amp came to us with a nice fitted Studio Slips padded cover, which is an added bonus.  

Experience world-class tone and an an incredibly smooth sustain that feels like it goes on forever. As you dial up the volume, the fun factor only increases - allowing you to revel in the hugeness and complexity of your sound. This amp is a delight to play!  Perfect for both recording studios and small clubs, its powerful sound can easily cut through the mix without any "flatulent low end". Revered for its reliability, the Dr. Z Carmen Ghia Amp is the ideal choice for high-quality sound.