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Used EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine Polyphonic Pitch-Shift Modulaton Pedal

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Used And Vintage Pedals

Up for sale is another great sounding used pedal, which you can pick up today, right now…. at a GREAT price!! Guaranteed working condition, all used pedals we're offering for sale here have some cosmetic imperfections, and in turn means BIG savings for you!!! 

Have we got a great pedal for you, here is this EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine. This pedal is your gateway to getting amazing and totally unique sounds from your instrument. I mean it literally has a footswitch called "Magic" and it is definitely magically. What you get is a pedal that can pitch-shift your instrument to truly wonderous levels. You get 6 knobs to control your pitch-shifting odyssey. The Pitch control adjusts the frequency of the polyphonic pitch-warped harmony from a fourth below your input, to a third above, and every atonal pitch in-between. Noon is the unison position. Pitch may also be controlled via expression pedal. Use the Primary knob to control the volume of the polyphonic harmony. The Tracking knob controls the lag time between the wet and dry signals. Tone rolls off some treble for a darker, “vintage” sound. Clockwise Tone settings are bright, counterclockwise is dark. The Secondary control adds an octave of the Primary harmony. And last but certainly not least the Magic knob creates as EarthQuakers says "wild pitch take offs and descends, chaos chorusing, shrieks, groans, gurgles, wizard-blessed wizardry, signal transformation, imminent destruction, and other general mayhem."  Couldn't have said it better, this pedal is far from normal and is perfect for magical tonal adventures. This pedal is in good condition.