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Used Electric Sitar Red Crackle

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by Fender
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Used And Vintage Electric Guitars

Looking for something to spice up your arsenal?  Or perhaps just needing some extra flavor for some studio tracks you're laying down?  If so, we have something very cool, very affordable, and very unique.....this excellent electric sitar.

It's an interesting one, as there's no brand-name on the headstock.   We think it could be a prototype of a Rogue or other similar brand, but seems to be a step up from that.  If judging it based on the the build quality, playability and overall vibe, it's awesome.  Not intended to be high-end, we purposely priced this lower because of the lack of brand-name.  Since we're unsure of it's exact made & model, we are simply calling it an "Electric Sitar" and leaving it as that.  We are making no claims on exactly what it is, what's original, or anything else (however, the techs in our shop did vet it and made sure everything was working as it should).

There are 6 regular guitar strings and 13 sympathetic drone strings.  The buzzing Gotoh bridge is key - it's how you get the sitar sound.  3 pickups with independent tone & volume controls give you a lot of control over the sound.  It's normal guitar scale neck and will feel familiar to most players....but it's the sounds that give you a very unique feeling of exoticness.  Of course, a traditional Indian sitar is much more complex than this - so it's a good way for the average guitar player to get these sounds without having to learn a very complicated instrument.

Tuning: the longest and lowest string is tuned octave above the high E of a standard guitar.  The rest of the strings are tuned in half steps.  There are other tunings that can be used (and should be experimented with) but that's the standard.  Also, FYI: the sympathetic strings are all .010 gauge, and a harp wrench is used for the tuning process.

We took this one in on trade and are loving it.  If you're in the market for an electric sitar or just need something new, you've found it!