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Used Vintage 1966 Fender Bandmaster Head and 2x12 Cab Guitar Amp

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Used And Vintage Amps

 Vintage 1966 Fender Bandmaster "Piggyback" 40 Watt Head & 2x12 Cabinet

One of the most legendary amps of its time, Fender made the Bandmaster from 1953 to 1974.  Beginning in 1960, the amps were equipped with a vibrato effect.  Like other Fender amps, the Bandmaster evolved over the years, and remained a model that was put to go use by a variety of players.  This is from Eddie Van Halen (he used to run his blonde, early 60’s Bandmaster head into Marshall cabinets back when the band was playing the Sunset Strip) to Pete Townshend (his Gretsch 6120 into a ‘59 Bandmaster is all over the 1971 “Who’s Next” album).  The "Blackface" era of the piggyback head & cab ran from 1963 - 1967, and these are highly coveted.

 This particular 1966 outfit was owned by the same person from 1972 till 2022, when we acquired it.  He bought it from the original owner, who bought it brand new in 1967.  It's in amazing shape considering its age, and has been vetted by an outside veteran vintage amp expert.  Here are a few specific notes from him:

  • The brown Electrolytic bypass caps date from 1965.  
  • The Power Transformer is original and the original 2-prong power cable has not been converted to a 3-prong grounded cable.  
  • The Head and Cab are in very good condition for a 56 year old amp.  
  • The on/off switch has been replaced, as has the Bias cap.  
  • The Speakers are original as well; actual date codes are on the rim of the frames.
  • The head does not have the footswitch to turn the vibrato on and off but we have an RCA adapter plugged in so you can manually use the vibrato or use your own 1-button FS with a male RCA end.  
  • There are no modifications done to this vintage beauty and no issues whatsoever.  
We included photos to show as much of the amp as we can - please be sure to view everything.  The tone from this amp is absolutely amazing.  It has a great clean sound, with crystal clear highs and a tight low end, and works very well with overdrive as well.  It's a great amp for cutting through dense mixes, with a big harmonically rich tone that retains its clarity at any level.

Finding one that competes with the history, originality and condition of this one will be difficult - it's a great score for anyone that appreciates what a Bandmaster is, as well as Fender's legendary history.  We don't see many rigs like this coming through, and we don't expect it to last long!