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Used Yamaha THR10II Desktop Guitar Amplifier

SKU 60YAM000
by Yamaha
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Used And Vintage Amps

 This is a cool amp that is very affordable and gives you the ability you can create your whole album on your desktop! 

Ok, maybe a whole album is reaching, but this is a deeply usable amp that is perfect for homes, offices, and other desktop situations.  Most importantly, it sounds good.  That's the thing that most people are suprised about with the Yamaha THR amps - they know they are usable, and very versatile, but they don't realize how great the tone will be.  Plug it in, and find out.

Guitarists know the epic tube-amp stacks to turn up in arenas, and the combo amps that suit smaller spaces and rehearsals. But with the THR10II, Yamaha redefined the "third amp" category, delivering what you need to jam from the comforts of home.

Bring your music on the go with THR-II models, boasting Bluetooth connectivity, the "THR Remote" mobile editor app, and 3rd-party footswitch compatibility.  This is a great little amp for those needing something easy to use, that won't take up much space, and and of course sounds great!