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Vintage Marshall Guv'nor Overdrive with Box

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Used And Vintage Pedals

Ello Guv'nor! Here you go, it's Marshall's classic and highly sought after (and often imitated) pedal, the Guv'nor.  This is the real deal, the OG version (not the reissue)

This classic pedal gives you plenty of distortion and a tone that can't be replicated.  Name after Jim Marshall himself, the original version first came out in the great year of 1988, setting the bar for distortion pedals for years.  It was only made for a few years, and original versions like this one have been high in demand ever since.

The pedal provides a smooth overdriven sound with a touch of compression, recreating the tones of the best Marshall Plexi and JCM800 amps in a small box format.  It allows you to control the gain, level, EQ and sports a loop output for use with other pedals.  It's versatile, reliable and for many, the holy grail of distortion pedals.  There's a reason why everyone from Gary Moore to Josh Klinghoffer to Ed O'Brien of Radiohead made this a go-to part of their rig.

The pedal is in excellent condition, and comes with not only the original box, but also paperwork.  That makes it not only a great pedal, but a true collectors item.  Pedal geeks rejoice - this is something special.