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Vintage Thomas Organ Cry Baby Model 95

SKU 70TOC000
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Used And Vintage PedalsLook what we have for you, a vintage Thomas Organ Cry Baby Model 95! That's right well, before Dunlop took the mantle, this is the original wah that started it all.

Developed with the Papa of the Wah-Wah Del Casher, this is the original pedal that inspired so much music, and so many other wah pedals.  It's hard to imagine a more influential effects pedal.  Hear the warm tone and vocal like sweep of the OG that all other imitate.

This pedal is in good condition, considering it's age, and works just as it should.  Whether you're looking for hippie flavorings, blissed out soul, and just want to bring the funk back, thisi is a vintage pedal that will get you there.