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ZVex Cannabis Commemorative Fuzz Factory Pedal

SKU 20ZVE098
by ZVex
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As I stand in my yard listening to the echoes of the hearts of Minnesotans all around my state, I hear the future clanging of cell doors, not closing, but opening, as we await the imminent first truce in the ill-conceived war on drugs. For the first time in Minnesota history we are seeing the unshackling of Mother Nature and the expungement of petty misdemeanor and misdemeanor marijuana crimes and the release of our friends, associates, brothers and sisters convicted of victimless acts, their records to be wiped clean of this injustice so they can return to society and pick up where they left off. The weed has been freed. Some of these people will undoubtedly start or join the independent businesses that will rise from this new economic engine, an engine that will deliver opiate-free pain relief, sleep and tranquility, communion and creativity, and a great step toward Ringo’s dream of peace and love. I’m sure Paul approves as well.  – Zack Vex

In celebration of this momentous occasion, we present this ZVex limited edition UV printed version of our Fuzz Factory. ZVex hopes it will help you find enlightenment on your soon to be legal cosmic explorations.