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Free GHS Boomers from March 24th - April 7th

Free GHS Boomers from March 24th - April 7th

When you need your electric guitar set up, you go to a professional. There are few, if any, guitar repairs shops with the clout that our team at Truetone Music has. So why not take it to the best?

If amazing playability and pitch-perfect intonation isn't enough, We at Truetone Music have teamed up with GHS Strings to bring you a free set of GHS Boomers with every re-string and setup!!!* From March 24th - April 7th bring your electric guitar down for a setup or re-string and the strings are free!

* Please call for pricing and time estimate quote on Set-ups and re-strings. Free GHS Boomers Strings offered for a limited time only.

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