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Menatone Ms. Foxy Brown Overdrive Pedal

by Menatone
$ 189.99

The Menatone Foxy Brown has that crunchy, punchy, rock and roll tone that will sound conspicuously familiar if you love those old, 18 Watt Marshall combos, or other classic, low-watt British tube amps (ie: Vox, WEM, etc...). It's built with a unique tone control that leaves the midrange untouched, but cuts highs when turned left and cuts bass when turned right. This is critical to maintaining your tone! The SAG knob controls compression like a real tube amplifier!

***Please note, due to the small quantities in which Menatone pedals are made, they are subject to change in appearance only at any given moment. The one pictured could slightly vary in appearance only, to the one you will receive.***