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Pre Owned Lexicon Vortex Audio Morphing Processor Rack Unit with Footswitches and Power Supply

SKU 87LEX001
by Lexicon
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Used And Vintage Pedals

Up for sale is a fantastic rack unit from legendary effects maker Lexicon. This unit gives you a plethora of pitch and time-based effects, capable of doing something that had rarely been seen, perhaps never, when it came out: true audio morphing between any two patches, quite unlike anything else out there.

Vortex is loaded with 32 permanent presets, arranged in two banks, and numbered 1A-16A and 1B16B. Vortex also has 32 memory locations, called registers, where you can store your own effects.  Each preset and register has an A and a B version. In the presets, A and B versions are matched into specific effect pairs. You can set up your own pairing system in the registers.

This unit is in excellent condition, functions just as it should, and comes with dual footswtiches and the power supply.  

(trippy Delay/ Mod)